Become a PTA Sponsor


Become a PBES PTA Sponsor!

Our PBES PTA Sponsors will provide generous financial support to our programs and events.  We are now accepting sponsorship for the 2018-2019 school year.

Event Sponsorship

The PBES PTA hosts about 5-10 events a year with record school and family attendance.  This opportunity allows your business to gain exposure to almost 400 families, in addition to more than 100 staff members, individuals and community partners, in school each month.  The Event Sponsorship is $100.  Event Sponsors receive the following benefits:

  • Your company name will be added to the event flier distributed to all students at PBES.  Your business name and logo will be added to our Community Partners page on our website for up to three months following the event; in addition to being placed in our upcoming newsletter.  Your business will be recognized either through announcements or posters on the day of the specified event. 

Website Sponsorship 

The PBES PTA website is expected to receive thousands of visits a school year from community members, parents, family members and other invidiuals.  The website provides information on events and news about surrounding communities.  The Website Sponsorship is $75.  Website Sponsors receive the following benefits:

  • Your company logo and link will be on the website sidebar for the 2018-19.  Space is limited!

Newsletter Sponsorship

This school year, PBES PTA will begin publishing a newsletter that will be made available to our membership, PBES staff, school parents, community partners, and online visitors.  This opportunity provides you with exposure to more than 400 families and individuals with each issue.  The Newsletter Sponsorship is $35.  Newsletter Sponsors receive the following benefits:

  • Your company will be recognized in our quarterly PBES PTA newsletter with a link to your website.  The newsletters are also archived on our website so your business will continue to receive visits from individuals reviewing our archived newsletters.  

You also have the option of choosing both the website and newsletter sponsorship.  Please include your preference in your email. 

You may Contact Us or send us an email with your request to: [email protected]. Once you have paid for your sponsorship, please email a JPG file (250 X 250) of your logo and exact wording of your sponsorship name. For example, "Sponsors R Us".

Thank you for your support!  

(Please note: The Paint Branch Chinese Immersion Elementary School PTA Board reserves the right to deny sponsorship.  If your business is not deemed a good fit for the PBES vision or community, you will be informed prior to the acceptance of your payment.) 

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