PTA Kids Arts & Crafts Night – November 2018


PTA Arts & Crafts Night

Thursday, November 1st

6:00 - 7:30 PM @ Paint Branch Cafeteria

Kids can enjoy a fun and exciting night of "Creative Play" with the Paint Branch PTA and College Park Arts Exchange, while parents get valuable information and resources about STEM Projects at STEM Fair Information Night!

*Light snacks and drinks will be provided to children

 Hope to see you there!

Kids Arts & Crafts Night Gallery of Pictures - November 1, 2018 

PBES PTA would like to say thank you to our Principal, Dr. Hairston; and our amazing PBES teachers, staff, parents, and volunteers: Ms. Alina Zhang; Ms. Mayra Cerna; Ms. Jing Shen; Ms. Xi Wang; Mr. Priest Amen; Ms. Rose; Mr. Johnathan; Ms. Kelly Jordan; Ms. Yasmine Muhtasib; Miss Ana; Little Miss Dalia; and everyone who assisted our PTA in any way for our Kids Arts and Crafts Night!

We would also like to extend an extra-special "Thank You" to the College Park Arts Exchange and our visiting Art Instructor, Mr. Aaron Springer!  Mr. Springer is soooooo incredibly awesome and is no stranger to instructing our Paint Branch students!  Our students enjoyed working with him; and everyone had a wonderfully-artistic, imaginative and fun-filled evening! 

There were giant fish of all shapes, sizes and colors swimming around on our cafeteria tables - even fish who ate Cheetos, lol.  Oh...and flyer saucers, I mean UFOs, that were flying and circling around in our cafeteria!  There were a million funny faces, laughs, giggles, dabs, and even students speaking in Chinese with Ms. Zhang!  Our Busy Bees are extremely talented and full of creativity - thanks to all who attended and participated!  We can't wait to see what our students create at our next PTA Kids Arts & Crafts Night!  Don't miss it!

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