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Join us for our Final PTA Meeting!

VIEW & PRINT 2018-19 PBES PTA Proposed Budget

Please plan to attend the discussion and vote on the budget during the final PTA Meeting of the school year on

Monday, June 18, 2018 at 6:30 PM  

Questions?  Contact Mrs. Kelly Jordan, PTA Treasurer at [email protected]

News and Topics:

PBES PTA Proposed Budget (2017-18) & Bylaws

VIEW: 1) ⇒Proposed (3.2.18) PTA Budget* (2017-18) with 1A) ⇒Updated Proposed PTA Budget (2017-18) - dated 4/18/18

VIEW: 2) ⇒Proposed (3.2.18) PTA Bylaws Revisions* (2018-2021) with Proposed (3.2.18) PTA Bylaws Addendum*

*Approved By PBES PTA Board on March 2, 2018 & Posted on March 4, 2018 - Click Link Above To View

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PBES PTA 2017-2018 Compliance Reports

For the period beginning January 22, 2018 - March 14, 2018, we've:

  • Increased our membership by 209% - WOWZERS!!!  We've gone from 33 to 102 paid members!
  • Increased our 2017-18 revenue by 65% - We've collected $1,022.84 in cash/online donations & membership dues!  This is a GREAT start - we still have a way to go to hit our goal of $5,000 in additional annual revenue by June!  We're 1/5 of the way there!

Many of you may know that as of January 22, 2018, our PTA was non-compliant in many areas and needed to complete several tasks to be considered a local chapter of the Maryland PTA in Good Standing.  We're happy to report that we're almost there!  Since being elected on January 22, 2018, our FANTABULOUS PTA TreasurerMrs. Kelly Jordan has worked diligently to organize, review, complete AND file the following forms:

  1. Insurance for our PTA Chapter for 2017/2018 - Purchased 2/23/18
  2. State of Maryland Annual Report and Personal Property Return - Completed/Filed on 2/23/18
  3. IRS form 990N - Completed/Filed on 3/7/18
  4. Exempt Organization Fund-Raising Notice - Completed/Filed on 3/7/18
  5. Local Officer Contact Information for MDPTA - Completed 3/8/18
  6. Maryland Sales and Use Tax Return - Completed/Filed on 3/13/18
  7. Annual Update of Registration Form (MD) - Completed/Filed on 3/14/18
  8. Annual Financial Report for Charities Form COF-85 - Completed/Filed on 3/14/18
  9. Paid outstanding Membership Dues to Maryland PTA (and National PTA) for all members for 2017/2018 - Completed March 2018

Kelly has done an AWESOME job in completing and filing the required forms for our PTA!  We couldn't have done this without her commitment and sacrifice - Thank you Kelly!  We also want to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of our former PTA President, Ms. Sharon Palmer-Hillman, who compiled and organized many of the documents that were needed to get our PTA back on track for the 2017-18 school year!  Thank you to Sharon - and ALL of our current and former PTA Officers, members and volunteers for your dedication and commitment to our PTA over the years!  We also want to thank Principal Cynthia Rodgers for her leadership, support and encouragement - she has truly been AWESOME; and of course many thanks to our wonderful Academic Dean, Ms. Ruby Costea, as well!!!  


March 31, 2018

Maryland PTA "Good Standing Session"

GREAT NEWS!  Thanks to the hard work and diligence of our Treasurer, Mrs. Kelly Jordan, our PBES PTA is NOW a Maryland PTA Chapter in GOOD STANDING On March 31, 2018, our PBES PTA Treasurer, Mrs. Kelly Jordan, and our PTA President, Mrs. Avery Massey, attended the Maryland PTA's Good Standing Session for local PTA chapters.  Kelly and Avery met PTA officers who were in attendance from local PTA chapters.  They also conversed and worked with Ms. Latisha Corey, Maryland PTA President (pictured); Mr. Michael Sedgwick, Chair of the Maryland PTA Policies and Procedures Committee (pictured); and Ms. Jayne Lee, President of the PTA Council of Baltimore County (pictured).  They were all VERY helpful and instrumental in assisting PBES PTA in completing the final steps of the audit and move towards 100% Compliance. 

In a little more than two months time, PBES PTA has crossed the finish line!  We are Compliant and in Good Standing!!!  This was indeed an informative and productive session for our PBES PTA Officers!  Thanks to everyone who assisted us in this process! 


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