Many people ask the PBES PTA..."How can I contribute?"  Great question!  Here's what you can do: Join Our PTA, Volunteer, Donate or Become A PTA Sponsor!


Volunteerism...It does the heart good!

The Health Benefits of Volunteering are enormous but more important is the immeasurable impact you have in the lives of others.  Our PTA is a volunteer-run organization, and we depend on individuals like you to allow us to provide services to our students, parents and families, staff, teachers, administrators, and local communities.  PBES PTA Volunteers help with before and after-school activities; educational events and field trips; social events; fundraisers; and provide mentorship and community support!  Click the Volunteer button for more information⇒⇒


Our children are our greatest resource

Donations to PBES PTA are very important because they help us pay for many of our PTA programs; additional classroom supplies, books, and equipment; after-school programs, cultural arts and special events; teacher and staff appreciation; physical education equipment; school dances, movie nights, arts and crafts nights, and so much more!  Every child will benefit from any amount that we receive! 


Simply click the DONATE button ⇓⇓⇓ to make your tax-deductible donation; or click: PTA Honeybee Donors or a Become A PTA Sponsor to learn about additional ways of supporting our PTA!

⇑⇑⇑ Click our secure PayPal Button to make your tax-deductible Donation


Gift Card Donations

Ms. Melissa Cunningham, PBES Professional School Counselor & PTA Secretary, will kindly accept gift cards (only) in the amount of $25 or below (to local grocery stores, Wal*Mart, Target, etc.,) to assist our PBES PTA families in need.  Any gift cards that are collected will be distributed to those families after our monthly PTA General Membership Meetings, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Become A PTA Sponsor!

PBES PTA is NOW accepting EVENT, WEBSITE and NEWSLETTER Sponsorship from our community partners; parents; family members; PBES staff; or any interested individuals, for the 2018-19 school year! Click the PBES PTA Sponsorship button for more information⇒⇒


Join our PTA #LightItUpBlue Challenge for Autism!

DONATE $10...AND Ask 10 people to DONATE $10 to PBES PTA!

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